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Valki machan Tour

Valki machan is very nice place for weekend trip spanning 1 to 2 days.Valki machan is around 140 km away from Calcuttain in Burdwan district. Valki machan is  7km from Mankar station on the Howrah-Asansol section of Eastern Railway and 13km from Paraj on Durgapur Expressway near Panagarh. Valki machan can be reached within three hours from Calcutta,Durgapur , Asansol.
Valki machan is famous for the nearby Forest and a 25 hectares man-made lake named Jamuna dighi. Jamuna Dighi is used for pisciculture under the State Fisheries Development Corporation. Thirty-nine ponds, each spread over 22-25 bighas have been dug for the can avail the boating facility in these lakes.

You can also visit the nearby forests. This forest was used by the ancient landlords(Zamindars) as their favorite hunting ground.

Those landlords built machans(watch towers) where they could sit and wait for the animals to come. you can see the ruins of these watchtowers. also you will be able to see many temples built by those Zamindars. These temples are great examples of Terracottal art.

How to reach Bhalki Machan?

By Air –the nearest airport to Valki machan is Calcutta airport . After after getting down at Calcutta you can hired private vehicles to reach Valki machan.

By Train –you can reach Valki machan ny trains through  Howrah-Asansol section of Eastern Railway. you will have to get down at Mankar station and hire a ricksaw to reach Valki machan.

By Road - Valki machan can be reached by National Highway 2 (NH 2) by proceeding towards Durgapur, upto Galsi. On reaching Galsi turn right and the freshly tarred road leads to Mankar. On reaching Mankar, ask any local people to know the exact way to reach Bhalki Machan.

Staying options at Bhalki Machan

The Bhalki Machan resort maintained by the Aushgram Panchayat is the first option. Adequate local Bengali cuisine delicacies are all set to mesmerize you. For booking contact at – 03452-212056.
The second option is the State Fisheries Development Corporation resort at Jamunadighi at a distance of about 3 Km from Bhalki Machan. For booking, contact at – 03452-45300/9474787643. The tourist complex is inside a fish seed farm run by the State Fisheries Department. Fresh catch of fish from the pond is all set to enchant your taste buds


Recently seven of us visited Valki Machan after reading the reviews on the net and The Telegraph. On our way to Valki Machan, from Galsi, Burdwan, we found no signboards giving direction to the place. As such, we had to travel few extra kms which could have been avoided if proper directions were given on the net as well as on the route from Guskara on NH2 instead of Galsi.
We reached Valki Machan and were totally disappointed on noticing the upkeep and maintenance of the rooms, toilets, dining hall, kitchen etc. We understand that presently this resort has been handed over by the Panchayat to a private party, though we failed to contact any responsible Members of the management.
The bed linen, pillows and pillow covers were filthy. The bed linen seems to have not been washed for a long time. Cleanliness of the rooms were far from the minimum standard expected. When we asked for an extra bedsheet for covering, we were provided with navy blue pant lengths, maybe stocked for uniforms for the staff. After we vacated our room, we noticed, that the bed linen were not changed for the new guests who had checked into the same room.
The toilets have not been cleaned for ages. During our stay (only 24 hours), toilets and bedrooms were infested with various types of crawling insects. Attendants were reluctant to take any measures. Luckily we had carried Mosquito Repellents but unfortunately we had no way to get rid of the insects.
During our stay, not a single attendant came to clean the rooms and the toilets.
Tea was served in cracked and dirty cups. Drinking water glasses provided in the rooms for 7 members were of 7 different sizes and colours. Though we were served on plates of 'shalpata leaves' which is definitely eco-friendly, but at the same time, plastic glasses were given for drinking water. Kitchen staff were found cooking and serving to all the guests barebodied.
We must acknowledge here that the food dished out by Dulal Banerjee, the cook, was excellent.
We are making these comments to keep people informed in case they intend to travel in future so that they are prepared mentally to face these odds.
Since they failed to provide us with a Suggestion Book, we requested the staff members to inform the Management about the shortcomings in the upkeep and maintenance of this resort if they want to get a reasonable response from tourists. While this place has great potential for being an eco-friendly tourist spot for its natural beauty, future patrons will be discouraged unless there is an improvement in the upkeep and provision of minimum comfort.

I Was been to Valkimachan recently. Splendid nature, hearty welcome, comfortable staying , fire-place and tribal dance made our weekend awesome. I noticed an improved service from the resort authority. Different Bengali food items are available in restaurant this time. In one word it was a awesome trip together.
This is the second time I spent a weekend over there.
Once we reached (we had 10 members in our team), we were provided with welcome drinks. Rooms were neat and clean.
As we demanded, the manager arranged a fire-place and tribal dance at evening with very minimal cost we expected. Minaral water is available which we did not get last time.
As we wished different dishes at lunch and dinner, resort authority managed "Galda Chingri" and fresh Mutton for us.
provided a guide while roaming nearby places - yamuna Dighi, Jungle, Dokra manufacturing etc.

Though we can not expect much comfort, the authority tried to meet our expectation as much as they could based on the availability in near market.
I would suggest people to go and visit once as this is worthy to spend an evening in the lap of nature

Hello..Thanks for sharing information about Valki Machan, never knew about this place existing near Kolkata. However, check out these popular Kolkata hotels, for anyone who is planning to visit this cultural city.

Valki outstanding place more more visit

Valki outstanding place more more visit

Valki outstanding place more more visit

How was your experience mam..please let us know 🙏

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